Finding Value in the Valley


Recently I came in collision from some beliefs that stem from my childhood.  No matter how much spiritual growth I have obtained in this lifetime, I am always a little surprised by the remembering, re-telling and reliving of these old ideas.  When this happens, I often get caught in the trap of asking, “Why?”  A beloved mentor told me many years ago that the Universe operates on a need to know basis.  It was pointless, she told me, to ask why.  I have found that it is only when I am spiritually ready that the proverbial light bulb comes on and the Divine Appointment, often referred to as an “a-ha moment” occurs.

I understand there is a little girl inside of me that just wants to be loved and to feel safe.  These are the times it is so important that I practice self-care.  It is crucial that I become quiet and still and lovingly ask that small wounded part of me what I can do to make it better.  Important that at times like these, I do not slip back into that old behavior of mine called self-recrimination.

Self-care for me is often about taking contrary action- to simply take it easy, to be gentle with myself through my thoughts, words and actions and to know no decision needs to be made in that moment.  Actually, that moment is one of the worst times for me to make a decision.  I think of the acronym WAIT.  (Why Am I Thinking?) I have found that the most loving action I can take for myself is to enter into that heavenly consciousness that resides deep at the center of my being.  It is this place where I eternally know that all is indeed well with my soul.  It is this place of pure love, pure peace, and pure joy that I sit with my Creator.  How good it is to know that everything I need I already have.

Until next time,


Old Ideas


I find myself walking through a lot of fear lately.  Simply put, fear is a lot of old ideas, old beliefs, that no longer serve my highest good.  Today I recognize those beliefs were formed as a coping skill at a time when no other options seemed appropriate, mostly during my childhood.  It wasn’t a case of “oh let me make up a bunch of stuff that will really cause me some problems one day.”  No, I believe fears stem from a much deeper place.

It’s similar to the bogey man I used to hear about when I was a small child.  I am not sure what the bogey man was, but he always hung out in the dark corners of the house.  Consequently, I was always afraid to look around the corner in fear of what I might find.  My adult fear is the same- except the dark corners of the house are now the dark corners of my mind.  Today I find that fear reveals itself to me when my inner self is ready to let go of limiting beliefs and move deeper into my authentic self- my own divinity.

With this in mind, I have begun to look at fear differently.  Rather than a sense of impending doom, afraid of what I might find, I am starting to look at fear with excitement because I know with each layer of false beliefs that are released, more of the authentic me is revealed.

For someone who used to be so afraid to look at herself, deeply afraid of what I would see, it feels really good to be in this place. A place of re-birth, re-parenting, and re-newal.  Deep contentment fills my being.


Peace, Blessed Peace

The world’s confusion and fear cannot penetrate to the center of my being where the Divine Presence abides. As there are depths in the ocean which storms never reach, so there is a Peace deep within me which is never disturbed by the tumult of the outer world. I turn my attention to this sanctuary of Peace. Here I am alone with God. I lay aside my fears and tensions. I say to my restless thoughts and turbulent emotions, “Hush, be still.”

In this quiet I listen to what the Inner Voice would say to me. I am conscious of the healing Peace that is filling my whole being. Anxiety, weariness and discouragement are washed away. All sense of burden is lifted from me. This Divine Presence, which is the source of all and permeates all, has my loved ones in Its keeping and is in charge of my affairs. I carry God’s peace with me to the day’s activities and give peace to all whom I meet today.

And so it is.

Rev. Claudine Whitfield